Prompt, Efficient & Unfailingly Courteous

“I had a very good experience with Larry and Chimney Care Plus. We were looking for a chimney cleaner to do an inspection, and cleaning if necessary, partly because we had never done one in the five years we had been in the house, and partly because we were getting a smokey smell emanating from the fireplace. After some research and calling around, we settled on Chimney Care Plus because of their pricing and because we heard good things about their integrity, even from a competitor! When Larry first came he pronounced our chimney to be almost spotless and refused to do any cleaning, which he said was pointless and would amount to taking money for something unnecessary. He charged his basic inspection fee ($99) and gave us some advice about products and services we could try to help reduce the odor. He did not give us the hard sell, but simply told us about the advantages of the various things he was offering and other things to consider. It might seem like $99 is a lot to pay for a five-minute inspection, but to be fair, most people do not have the expertise to know what to look for inside a chimney, and also, that’s much cheaper than what most other companies charge. There are a lot of shady operators in this business (there was an article in the Washington Post about it a while back), so you need to be careful. In the end we asked Larry to come back and install a top-mounted damper and waterproof the chimney. Now the smell is, if not completely eliminated, at least greatly reduced, and we are glad to know that energy is not escaping up the chimney as it was with our old-school, bottom-mounted damper. In short: I’m pretty skeptical about people, but Larry convinced me of his honesty and integrity. He was also extremely prompt, efficient in his work, and unfailingly courteous.”

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