Stand by their work

Chimney Care Plus repointed the mortar in my chimney and installed a custom cap. I called them originally to do the work because the water was coming in along the side of the chimney into the attic. Five years later I got a leak again. Chimney Care Plus came back, found the problem and corrected it. This is an old row home, so there are a lot of unusual situations with these chimneys, and they require creative solutions. Neighbor’s chimney is attached to mine, separated by a wall that is lower than the outside chimney walls. This creates a hole between the chimney caps which allows the water in. Chimney Care plus closed the hole, and then even applied a waterproof seal – not something I asked for or expected. It’s great to see that people stand by their work, especially after it’s been 5 years.

Steph Y. Frederick, MD