Bird Resting on a Branch

Do you ever think about your chimney? I mean, do you really think about it when the weather is warm and the fires are not burning. Probably not, it is just like the air conditioner in your car, it is never a sure thing it will work until that first hot day in spring. If you live in an area with wildlife it is a pretty good bet that at least at some point, one critter or another has considered your chimney for a home. In fact if you do happen to have an unwanted guest, (no not your mother-in-law) it is best to call the chimney cleaning experts at Chimney Care Plus — we provide service throughout Western Maryland from our hometown of Frederick.

Stay Out of the Chimney

We are your local, Frederick chimney cleaning, repair and installation professionals. If it something has become stuck in a chimney, we have probably seen it. Except for maybe that fella who decided to surprise his wife for Christmas, and that one we just read about, stay out of the chimney kids, leave it to the professionals. That being said, a lot of small woodland creatures seem to think that you chimney looks alot like a big, warm hollow tree. Say what you want about the intelligence of a possum but it seems like a pretty good option for a critter like that.

What Should You Do?

If you do suspect that you have an animal or a bird living in your chimney, it is best to call in the professionals. Under no circumstances do you want to try and smoke them out by building a fire in the fireplace. This will more, than likely, successfully kill the animal and create a much larger problem. A good way to get them out without calling an exterminator is to set a radio playing music next to the fireplace, we have found that Tom Jones will usually successfully evacuate the animals. Also placing bright lights by the fireplace will successfully annoy them as well, causing them to leave. Be sure and keep the gate to your fireplace and the flue closed until you have had Chimney Care Plus evaluate the situation.    


Common creatures that utilize chimneys are raccoons and generally they will have set up a pretty good spread so you will more than likely have quite a mess left in your chimney. This is where the professionals at chimney care plus come in. The aftermath of an evicted family of raccoons is generally a nightmare that you do not want to tackle yourself. The animals will generally set up in your chimney as if it were a den and might even have babies. If you are a parent you know just how messy this situation can be.

We Will Clean It Up!

We will perform a thorough cleaning of your chimney, inspect the integrity of all the components and we can even mount a cap on the top of your chimney to prevent any future unwanted guests from getting in. Whether you need a cleaning, an inspection, or even a gas retrofit, Chimney Care Plus is your local choice in Frederick. Call today before the winter hits!