Why You Should Hire a Pro Chimney Sweep

The weather is warming, spring is coming, and your chimney most likely needs a cleaning! After burning wood all winter, your fireplace or wood stove will be ready for a spring cleaning. It is recommended that you clean your chimney once a year, and spring time is a great time to prepare for the next wood burning season. If you are considering tackling this task on your own, read on to see why hiring a professional is the best choice for your chimney cleaning. And if you live here in Western Maryland, trust Chimney Care Plus for that all-important cleaning!


Cleaning a chimney can take even a trained professional, with the right equipment, several hours. Imagine how much longer it can take someone unfamiliar with the process! If you are pressed for time, hiring a chimney sweep will be the most efficient way to get the job done. Don’t give up a whole day trying to figure out how to clean your chimney!


Cleaning a chimney can create a huge mess. If you are not prepared for the dirt and dust that sweeping a chimney can produce, you may not know how to minimize the mess. A professional knows what to expect, and will do their utmost to keep all surrounding areas clean. Your chimney flue or other parts may need to be taken apart to be cleaned completely; a pro will know how to put these parts back together the right way. The cleanup could take longer than the cleaning if the right precautions are not taken; let the professionals use their experience to keep your chimney and the surrounding area clean.


To clean a chimney, you start at the top. That can mean quite a ways off the ground if you have a two-story or higher home! Even if you don’t have a fear of heights, climbing around on your roof can be dangerous! Depending on your home, your chimney could be located in a very steep part of the roof, or be not easily accessible. Falling from your roof could seriously injure you, and suddenly your simple, DIY chimney clean could result in medical bills and time out of commission. Leave the ladders to the pros, and don’t attempt your own chimney cleaning!


Professional chimney cleaners have the right tools for the job. Besides sweeping a chimney, a professional can tell you if your chimney needs a more serious, chemical cleaning. If you have third-degree creosote, this chemical cleaning is not a job for the homeowner. Using the wrong tools, or getting the job only partially done, leaves your home at risk for fire. You need to ensure that your chimney has been thoroughly cleaned, and the professionals know when the job is done. Let Chimney Care Plus take care of your chimney and get it done right.


Aside from just cleaning your chimney, an expert can tell you if other parts of your wood burning system are up to speed. There could be cracks in your chimney that will be exacerbated by the next fires you have. The lining of your chimney could need to be replaced. Your wood stove may not have the proper clearance, and adjacent furniture might need to be relocated. Your professional chimney sweep can also advise you on spark arrestors and your local laws. A professional can see where you might have safety risks, and give you advice.


The cause of your chimney woes may be due to animals nesting or living in your chimney. If you don’t want to have to deal with the critters you may encounter, hire a chimney cleaning company to take on this task for you! If you are having animal woes, a professional can recommend a chimney cap to avoid future invasions. They can also remove a dead animal — not a fun task!

As you can see, chimney cleaning is a job best left for the professionals. Contact Chimney Care Plus of Frederick and know that you are putting your home’s safety in the best hands possible when it comes to chimney care. Chimney cleaning is not a DIY project; it is a crucial part of your home’s safety! Don’t tackle your chimney yourself this spring — call us now for a quote, and we will handle the stress and mess of your chimney cleaning.