White Home With Steep Roofline and Chimney

Fire: The magical entity that inspires a million different poetic clichés, sports references and is even used to describe people with red hair. It is used as the benchmark of human discovery on this planet, how many times have you heard the adage of humans discovering fire? We love fire, we depend on fire to warm us, we count on fire to eat fiery treats like the blazing jalapeño popper. We are so ingrained with the concept of fire that tattooed gearheads plaster flames up and down their hot rods’ hoods. Fire is life. At Chimney Care Plus we love fire as much as a blazing hot bowl of face-melting ramen. We keep fire contained in your home; we clean the chimneys; fire is our life.

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The best part about fire is having it in your home, now of course we want it to be done safely. Blazing fires in a used oil drum should be reserved for back alleys and not your living room. There are two kinds of people in this world, either have a chimney or you don’t, and if you have a chimney we can help! Wouldn’t you like a new, more efficient chimney liner? How about a cool new chimney cap so you never have to wake up next to another raccoon again! We guarantee it will be much cheaper than that last round of rabies shots!

Efficient Chimney

Chimney Care Plus are personal trainers for your chimney. We can mold your chimney back to its former greatness and make you proud again. We can clean your chimney of all the built up creosote and debris. Think of it like feeding kale to your grandpa, everything will move much smoother. So if you are ready to take back the former glory of your chimney, contact us today! We’re proud to provide service for folks throughout Western Maryland, including those in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, Myersville, and the surrounding areas.