Chimney Atop a Snow-Covered Roof

Just like a man, your fireplace is not an island. It is connected to your house through the attic or upstairs. Generally, homeowners know little about the condition of their chimney and that can be a dangerous situation. The elements in this part of the country are legendary for destroying things. The cold,  damp winter can take the mortar between bricks and shatter it. Think that you are exempt if you have a woodstove or something similar? Think again. I mean meteors are known to fall from the sky at times and who is to say that your chimney has not been hit by a spare alien rock? This is where the professionals at Chimney Care Plus come in, we are experts in chimney cleaning, chimney care, and dryer vent cleaning.

The Old Days

You may think of the old chimney sweep with the round brush and a top hat. Yeah, we do that on halloween, but modern chimney sweeps are just as important as they were back then. The thing that has changed is the fact that people generally do not use their fireplaces for cooking and the sole source of heat. The thing that has not changed is the fact that, predominantly, wood is used for fuel in a fireplace. This creates the buildup of creosote and means that the chimney must be cleaned and inspected regularly.

Full Service Chimney Sweep

As far as repairs go, Chimney Care Plus is a full service operation. We can repair, replace, and even install a new fireplace. We even are a proud distributor of Napoleon Quality Fireplaces! So no matter what sort of issue or situation that you need help with that is chimney related, please give Chimney Care Plus a call and let us repair your chimney and clean your chimney so you and your family can enjoy your fireplace! We provide chimney services for folks throughout Western Maryland, including those in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, Myersville, and the surrounding areas.