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You drive your vehicle everyday but, do you really give much thought to the exhaust system in your car? An internal combustion engine is fairly efficient in its operation and the leftover gasses that are expelled out of the tailpipe are relatively clean (Now we all know that “clean” exhaust emissions is a relative term because there is much debate about that sort of thing.). When an internal combustion engine is running, it needs fuel, air and heat to produce energy. You may be surprised that your chimney has a lot of the same characteristics as you car, but it is true. Sometimes, like your car, you need repairs. The experts at Chimney Care plus can repair and clean your chimney, just like a mechanic can repair your car.

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So what, you may ask, could your car’s engine and your chimney have in common? Well, they are both accomplishing the same goal, generating heat. The goal of a car’s engine is to propel the car, the goal of a fireplace is to provide heat for your home. The engine does this by containing little explosions, capturing the heat, and transferring the energy created to the wheels, moving the car forward.

Simple Versus Corvette

Your chimney is much simpler than that, but it doesn’t have as complex a job to do. To heat your home your fireplace contains the burning fuel, meanwhile the chimney acts as an exhaust pipe, and heat radiates into your home. Basically heat is the transfer of energy; gasoline transfers energy to the wheels and wood transfers energy to your home. The downside of transferring energy from one source to another is the fact that there is always waste, and waste in your chimney can be dangerous. Your chimney is your fireplace’s exhaust system and it must be free of creosote and obstructions to provide maximum energy transfer. Chimney Care Plus can give your chimney a tune up and restore the efficiency of your fireplace. Call for an appointment today! We offer chimney repair services for homeowners in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, Myersville, and the surrounding areas.