Signs That Spring Storms Have Damaged Your Chimney

Spring thunderstorms often pack a fierce punch. With high winds, heavy rainfall, and pounding hail, a spring storm can leave your home damaged and in need of major repairs. Because your roof takes the brunt of the storm’s fury, it often suffers from the most damage. Not only is your roof at risk but components of the roofing system are also at risk, which includes your chimney.

If you are concerned that your chimney was damaged during a spring storm, read on to learn more about what signs will indicate that damage occurred. Remember, you can reach out anytime for help with chimney repair in Frederick (and throughout Western Maryland) from our talented team. We will start with a chimney inspections to diagnose any issues your chimney is facing and we will then provide you with the appropriate chimney repairs. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Look for Damages Carefully

Before we delve into what signs indicate chimney trouble, we want to remind you to always practice extreme caution when trying to inspect your own chimney. Climbing onto your roof, particularly after a bad storm, can be extremely dangerous. Weakened roofing components can collapse underfoot, putting both you and your roof at risk.

The best thing to do is try to gauge what damage has occurred from the safety of the ground and leave the thorough inspection for the professionals. Not only can you take a visual look at your chimney from the ground, you can also inspect the area around your home for any fallen debris. If you notice chunks of your chimney or flashing in your yard, then you know to call for repairs without ever stepping foot on your roof.

Cracks and Chips in Your Chimney

As you take a look at your chimney post-storm, look for any cracks or chips that are visible on the exterior of the chimney. If your yard has chunks of the chimney masonry, it is a good indicator that your chimney has suffered severe damages. Cracks and chips in the bricks will lead to leaking and can weaken the structural integrity of the chimney as a whole.

If you see chips, cracks, or chinks in the bricks of your chimney, you should schedule a professional inspection right away.

Damaged Flashing and Seeping Water

Unfortunately, anytime you have a component on your roof, such as a chimney, that protrudes through the system you have a weak point that is always at risk for damages. One problem area to take note of post-storm is the flashing surrounding your chimney. If you notice that water is seeping through your chimney, it could be due to damaged flashing.

If the flashing surrounding your chimney is peeling, cracked, or has torn off entirely, schedule chimney repairs right away. Once your flashing has been compromised, it can lead to water leaks, which will do long-term damage to your chimney.

Missing Chimney Cap or Cover

If a high-wind storm has passed over your home, it may have caused damage to the cap or cover resting over your chimney. Your chimney cap plays a vital role in ensuring your chimney is waterproof and helps to prevent debris from falling into your chimney. Without a cap or cover, your chimney is at risk for water damage. If you notice that your chimney is now missing its cap or cover, call your chimney sweep to install a new one.

In some cases, the chimney cap or cover will still be attached to your chimney but might be askew. A chimney professional can quickly right the problem and check to ensure there are no punctures on the cap.

Discoloration of Your Chimney Bricks

Over time if you notice that the bricks making up your chimney are becoming discolored it could be an indication of water damage. When your chimney bricks are older, they can become porous and begin to soak up water. This will lead to the white discoloration you often see on older masonry. Unfortunately, this discoloration is more than just unappealing, it can also mean that your chimney structure is being weakened by constant waterlogging.

Schedule Professional Chimney Repairs Today

If you have noticed any of the above indications that your chimney is in disrepair, schedule an appointment with a professional chimney sweep right away. Damaged chimneys can be extremely dangerous and can lead to further damage to your roofing system and the structure of your home.

Due to the complexity of chimney systems, it is always best to hire a professional to handle any repairs. If you are searching for chimney repair here in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, or Myersville, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We are a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep, as well as being licensed and insured. This means you can rest assured that your chimney is in good hands when you hire our team. We take great pride in our work and have earned a flawless reputation in the local community for our quality chimney repairs.