Man Installing Flashing Around Chimney

If you are considering adding a fireplace or woodstove to your home, or are considering buying a home with a fireplace, you are making a great choice! Fireplaces are great for many reasons, and add character to any home. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having a new fireplace or woodstove installed! Remember, once you’re enjoying the benefits of your new hearth, you can always count on the chimney sweeps here at Chimney Care Plus for repairs, cleaning, and inspections.


Burning wood indoors produces heat, and that can be great for cold fall and winter nights. Even if your home doesn’t rely on wood as the primary heat source, a fireplace or woodstove can add in extra heat that is much appreciated. Keeping your home at a lower temperature during the winter can save you money and is environmentally friendly, but there are times that you would love to warm up. Instead of heating your entire home, a fireplace allows you to get warmed up right at the hearth, and can make a chilly morning or evening that much more enjoyable. Even just the crackling flames and soft glow of a fireplace can make your home seem warmer! If you are always cold in the winter, and huddling over a heat vent doesn’t sound fun, a fireplace can give you the warmth you need!


Besides adding warmth, a fireplace adds great charm and style to any home. A fireplace can become a focal point for a room, and the mantle above becomes a vehicle for decorations, artwork, and even plants. If your living room seems a little boring, you have a chilly bedroom, or you have a huge country kitchen, a fireplace might be a great addition! Even when it isn’t the season for burning wood, a vase of flowers on a woodstove or colorful decorations on the mantle can make your fireplace continue to be a source of design interest in your home. A fireplace also gives a great opportunity for a new furniture arrangement, and what is cozier than a few comfy chairs grouped close by a fire?


That coziness that comes from snuggling up close to a fire is a huge reason people choose to have a stove or fireplace. The glow of a crackling fire can’t be replicated by a heater, and makes you not only warmer, but adds something intangible to your home. A fireplace is where family memories are made, sleeping in front of the fire on cold winter nights, hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle, or having a romantic date night dinner on the hearth. A fireplace adds so much to the ambiance of your home, and can become a source of treasured memories.

Power Outages

If you have ever experienced the power going out in the dead of winter, you realize how completely dependent on your utilities you are. A house can quickly become cold in freezing temperatures, and you might have no way to even heat water. A woodstove, or even a fireplace, can be so useful in these situations. Stay warm in your home, and hopefully heat it enough to not worry about frozen pipes or moving to a hotel temporarily. A woodstove can be used for cooking, and even a fireplace gives you the option of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Severe storms can keep you homebound for days, but a fireplace or woodstove can make that time much easier.

Resale Value

When it comes to selling your home, a fireplace can really make a difference. It is a feature that a lot of buyers look for, and having a crackling fire going during an open house can make your home seem warm and inviting. If you are considering installing a fireplace or woodstove into your home, know that it is a great choice that will reap rewards when it is time to sell.

So if you are considering a fireplace, know that it is a great choice! Not only do you add a beautiful focal point to any room, you have a source of warmth and coziness that is not matched by a furnace. And when it comes time to sell, you have increased your home’s value! If you have a fireplace or woodstove, you need to make sure that your chimney stays clean and intact, and that is where Chimney Care Plus comes in! If you live here in Frederick or throughout the Western Maryland region, we can handle all of your chimney cleaning and repair, and ensure that you continue to enjoy your woodstove or fireplace for years to come! Call today for service!