Elegant Stone Fireplace in Living Room

The writing’s on the wall and the weather is changing. Let me reiterate that again, it is soon going to be really cold. Cold enough that my crystal ball broke last year. If you have lived in Frederick for more than 45 minutes, you know that it can get colder than the arctic in less than a day. That’s right my friend, it is chimney season. The time of year when going outside seems like the last thing that should be done. You would rather buy enough food to make it through the winter than to set out in the blizzard.

cta-box2Chimney Season

Ok so maybe it is not that bad, but it is bad enough to remember how nice and warm it is right now. The perfect time to have your fireplace cleaned by Frederick’s finest chimney sweeps, Chimney Care Plus. We know that the chimney is not something that you think about during the summer months but every year chimney fires occur in dirty chimneys.

Dangers of Creosote

The danger of a dirty chimney is not to be understated. The substance called creosote will build up and cake the sides of your chimney. The danger of creosote is that it is essentially unburned wood and can be highly flammable. If left to build up in the chimney the creosote can create a dangerous situation inside of your chimney.

At Chimney Care Plus we are experts in removing the creosote from your chimney in a safe effective manner. We will even perform an inspection to determine whether or not repairs need to made. The safe operation of your chimney can be guaranteed by a visit from your local chimney sweep. We are committed to preserving the safety of your home for you and your family. Call today for an estimate and to schedule your cleaning — we provide chimney sweep services for homeowners in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, Myersville, and the surrounding areas.