Older White Home With Central Chimney

Welcome to Chimney Care Plus! We appreciate the visit to our virtual space! Feel free to look around and take advantage of our specials. We pride ourselves on being much more than chimney sweeps; we offer almost every chimney related service imaginable. From cleaning to installation, Chimney Care Plus is the finest wood stove and fireplace-maintenance company serving Frederick, Hagerstown, and Mt. Airy.

What we do.

Chances are, you really don’t give much thought to your chimney. The old beast just chugs away up there, neglected and underappreciated. Honestly, your roof is probably not a part of your house that you spend much time with. Most people get up there at most once per year to clean out the gutters. If you didn’t know, we also clean gutters. If it has been over a year since you have had your gutters cleaned then it is a pretty good bet that your chimney needs attention as well.

We will safely climb up on your roof and perform a comprehensive inspection; noting any defects or repairs that are needed. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe, as chimney fires can destroy your entire home. Over time, the byproducts of burning wood collect in your chimney and will create a situation that can turn dangerous very quickly. To make sure your chimney is up to par, give us a call at Chimney Care Plus; we are certified and ready to help. If you have any doubts about when your chimney was last cleaned please give us a call. As we said before, the safety of you and your family is our ultimate goal. Call today for an appointment and let us clean your chimney!
Our sweeps work throughout Western Maryland, including Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, Myersville, and the surrounding areas.