Man Cleaning Dryer Lint Out of Trap

The buzzer goes off on your dryer. You head to the laundry room and pull out a pile of warm, wonderful smelling sheets. The clean smell is intoxicating but your clothes do not seem to be getting very dry. This is an indication that your dryer vents are clogged and must be cleaned. At Chimney Care Plus this is one of our many services that we offer the good people of Frederick. We are much more than your average chimney sweep, we are proud to offer dryer vent cleaning services as well.

The Danger of Lint

Just what is lint anyway? We have all seen it in our belly buttons and stuck in the charging ports of our cell phones, but what is it and why is it so bad? A long time ago garment factories used to explode because of the lint floating in the air, as a society we learned pretty quickly that lint was bad. It is bad for many reasons besides the fact that it is  extremely flammable. It clogs up electronics, it can end up in a person’s lungs, and is basically your clothes disintegrating. Disintegrating clothes is the reason that your dryer vents need to be cleaned.

What Happens…

When you dry your clothes they release little particles of the fabric flowing out the dryer exhaust. The exhaust to your dryer is probably not a straight shot. If your home is older the ducting for the dryer is probably a maze of galvanized pipes. These pipes retain lint in every little crack and bend. If you do not know when the last time was that your had your dryer vents cleaned, let the trained professionals from Chimney Care Plus do a thorough cleaning. Please give us a call and keep your home safe from dryer lint fires. We’re proud to provide dryer vent cleaning services for folks throughout Western Maryland, including those in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Hagerstown, Myersville, and the surrounding areas. Stay safe!